Work-At-Home Mental Health Mistakes

Work-At-Home Mental Health Mistakes

Working from home has a lot of ups and downs. It can be gratifying and fulfilling to be your own boss, but it can be difficult to feel connected with the rest of the world. You may love having flexibility in your schedule, but there are still deadlines which need to be met. If your business is your only source of income, you can’t afford to let the negatives outweigh the positives. You have to keep sharp mentally so you can pursue your passion with everything you’ve got. Here are a few mental health mistakes some work-at-home entrepreneurs make, and a few ways to avoid them:

1. Becoming Too Isolated: One reason people started working in offices was that they could communicate and collaborate with other people. Working at home can take away some of the opportunity to interact with others. While some people may thrive in isolation, most feel the need for human interaction every so often. Meet with clients, business colleagues, or prospects in person whenever you can. If your business isn’t high-touch, maybe you can go to a local coffee shop or shared workspace to replicate the office experience.

2. Getting Easily Distracted: You must have a work-only place in your home to carry on business, and you must maintain a regular work schedule. Explain to friends and family that you are working during certain hours and can’t be disturbed. Schedule time for household chores during lunch or after work. Try to think of how you would handle things if you went away to an office every day, and do the same with your home office.

3. No Sounding Board: If you have nobody to bounce ideas off, you can lull yourself into a false sense of confidence about something you have decided to try. Keep in touch with a cadre of experienced business professionals who can give you input when you come up with something new. Have lunch or coffee together, or join a local business club where you can seek advice from others.

4. Not Knowing When to Stop: Sometimes working at home makes it feel like it’s just so easy to do “one more thing.” Before you know it, it’s ten o’clock at night or you have spent half the weekend on work. Ask yourself again, “If I were working in an office, would I stay late to complete this task?” Manage your time and your priorities well during the day, and enjoy your off time with your family and friends.

Consider a Career With Lots of Personal Interaction

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