Where Does Online Traffic Come From?

Where Does Online Traffic Come From?

As a small business entrepreneur, you may have heard that you need to ramp up your online marketing efforts. You know that more and more consumers look online first before making a potential purchase, but what can you do to lead them to your website, business or store? There are specific actions you can take to increase your online visibility and establish yourself as an authority in your field so that more prospective customers will become aware of the products and services you have available. Here are a few tips to get you started on generating online traffic:

  • Start with search: When consumers have a need for a specific type of product or service these days, the first place they will turn for help is a search engine such as Google. If your business isn’t listed near the top of those results, they simply are not going to find you at all. So how do your get your company found? The answer is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. This means that your website, blogs, and online press releases are all written in such a way as to attract the attention of the search engines. Think about the terms prospects might use to search for your product or service, and make sure they are creatively woven into your content. Keep your website fresh and updated, and share links with other business that are complementary to yours.
  • Layer on social media: Simply having a social media presence is not enough unless it serves to drive traffic to your website or store. Followers are good, but you need to ask them to do something. On the other hand, though, it has to be approached in a subtle way. It can’t be just buy, buy, buy all the time, or your followers will definitely say bye, bye, bye.
  • Become a local authority: Small businesses with a well-defined market area have a better opportunity to become a big fish in a small pond. Become an expert in your field by writing about a variety of useful topics in your blog posts, adding helpful tips in social media, and sending out useful columns to local media outlets.
  • Be a video star: There has probably never been a better time to become an online media star. Video is easier than ever to produce, and it is effective. Just think about what you are doing; don’t be boring and make your video all about you. Try to figure out what your target audience needs to know, and then provide that information in a creative and informative way. Post videos on YouTube, Facebook and your website, and you will see a definite increase in attention.

Online traffic doesn’t just magically gravitate to your website unless your business is very well known and prospects search directly for your name. Online traffic is generated by your efforts at creating an informative website, providing useful knowledge, and working to create interest in your product or service.

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