Use Facebook Live to Promote Your Small Business

Use Facebook Live to Promote Your Small Business

Have you ever pictured yourself on the “big” screen? No? Well, then how about the “small” screen as the star of your own Facebook video, live from your own smartphone or computer? More and more entrepreneurs are using the advantages of video to introduce themselves and their business, and create one-on-one relationships. Millennials and modern customers love the idea of getting to know someone in a quick, easy-to-view burst, and like associating a face with the business. Put the advantage of sight, sound and emotion on your side with these Facebook Live tips:

  Get acquainted: Go to the Facebook Live website and get to know something about this communication opportunity. Get tips on how to go live and learn some tricks to use along the way.

  Get set: Think about what you want to say to your audience. You might just want to introduce yourself, or talk about some creative uses for your product or service. Don’t try to script out a big, long piece – keep it short to start, until you get comfortable.

  Get over yourself: Everyone on Facebook knows that you are not a real movie star, so don’t try to pretend that you are. What you want to be is a helpful business professional who has something to say that can make life easier or better for viewers.

  Get ready: Practice what you want to say in front of a mirror to make sure you look natural. Try to smile and project a friendly demeanor. It’s okay to be a bit nervous at first. You’ll start to feel more comfortable once you have a few videos “in the can.” You don’t even have to make your videos public at first if you’re really worried about how you’ll come off on-screen. Set your privacy setting to “only me” until you’re ready to really go live. When you are truly live, ask viewers to send in questions as you go so you can engage them and answer in real time.

  Get help: If you need some more technical information Facebook has a help page with plenty of insights to get you over any rough patches.

Before you know it, you’ll have your first video done, and you’ll wonder what took you so long. Take an honest look at it and think about what you can do better next time, such as lighting, sound or preparation. Or ask a friend for some input on how you can improve.

If you like what you see, make sure you let others know through email or other social media. When you get really good, you can even schedule a set time for your broadcasts and let viewers know in advance when you’ll be sharing information. Be sure to ask them to share or leave comments so you get even more exposure. Facebook Live has been available for about eighteen months now, so don’t you think it’s finally time for your close-up!