Use Blab to Boost Your Small Business Exposure

Use Blab to Boost Your Small Business Exposure

The internet has made it easier than ever before for small businesses to reach out and communicate with prospective customers, but it can sometimes seem like there is some new marketing opportunity coming out every day. Just when you think you have the social world mastered, another platform comes along that offers something different enough to make it interesting and worth investigating.

That is definitely the case with Blab. On the surface Blab is a live-streaming video platform that bills itself as a “world news aggregator.” Users can add news from any news website, share stories, and provide commentary on news events as they are unfolding. What it offers to the small business marketer, though, is the opportunity to present, watch, join, and interact with live conversations about various business topics.

It is no longer necessary to just post a video which presents information to a viewing audience and hope they understand it. Entrepreneurs can now invite prospects and customers into a conversation, engage them, present information, answer questions, and check to be sure they are understood. Up to four people at a time can sit in the live “video seats,” but others can join in through the interactive chat, question and Twitter functions. You can schedule a “Blab,” similar to what you might do offline with a conference call.

Invite interesting guest speakers or presenters to discuss a topic, and then let your social media audience know when your Blab will air. It can also be recorded and replayed at a later time for an extra marketing boost. There are several great tutorials which help with the nuts and bolts of Blab, but here are some ideas on how you can use it to market your small business once you’re up and running:

  • Product intros and explanations: If you have something new to say about your product, or it must be seen to be appreciated, Blab is the perfect platform. You can list features and benefits, demonstrate the product in action, and ask if there are any questions. This will give you immediate feedback on how consumers will respond to your new offering.
  • Hot topics: Are there burning topics in your industry that everyone is discussing? Host a Blab about it and get more people involved. Present your point-of-view as a business owner, and then allow others to get involved in the discussion.
  • Community events: Blab chats can be great for the small business owner who wants to get more involved in the local community. Invite sponsors to your Blab and provide an event showcase. Participants will not only learn about the event, they will learn about your business as well.
  • Q&A and FAQs: Are there just some questions that you get all the time? Having a Blab is the perfect way to get those answers out to a live audience.

New doesn’t always mean bad. Try Blab for your small business and you might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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