Take Advantage of These Small Business Marketing Trends in 2020

Take Advantage of These Small Business Marketing Trends in 2020

So, how does the newest year on the calendar look so far for your business? Are you implementing those plans you laid out in 2019, keeping those resolutions, and watching the customers roll in? Or does it somehow feel like the same old rut with a higher number attached to the date?

I know it is still a bit early to determine how well your business will grow this year. There are many things that can happen along the way. Some are out of your control, and some are in your control. But, they do say that you can get a good sense of how things are going by the end of January.

Don’t worry too much if your business does not seem to be in a growth spurt yet. There is still plenty of time to generate new ideas and implement some strategies that are sure to get things moving in the right direction. The key to it all is marketing. Many small business entrepreneurs don’t understand how important it is to keep their eye on the marketing ball.

They might think they have enough customers already, don’t have enough money in the budget, or they could believe they don’t have the marketing skill set needed for success. The point of being in business, though, is that you always want to look for ways to attract new customers. Fortunately, there are many exciting, effective trends your small business can follow that don’t have to break the bank. Here are some of the hottest trends to follow that can help take your company to the next level in 2020:

• If you’re eco, then flaunt it: Especially if you target a younger, Millennial, or Gen Z audience. Gallup reported that these demographics are very passionate about patronizing local businesses, particularly those that are sustainable or socially responsible. Walk the walk in the way you conduct your business, and then let customers know what you are doing to give back to your community in a positive way.

•Let them know you are worthy of their trust: The best way to stand out in a crowd is by doing your job better than everyone else. Once you do that, ask your satisfied customers to let others know how well you do it. Today’s consumers tend to trust reviews from others more than advertising or your own content. So, take advantage of review opportunities offered on social sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook Recommendations, and others that are relevant to your local community and business niche.

• Live stream like a river: Why be just a one-dimensional meme when you can show off the power of your sparkling personality with real-time videos? Think about your area of expertise, and then live stream demonstrations, webinars and how-to videos. Get your creative juices flowing, and you can connect with potential customers through real-time engagement.

•Can you commit to e-commerce? If you have a product or a retail location, look for ways that can help sell your goods 24/7 without having to drastically increase your physical footprint. Restaurants might be able to offer a signature item for sale; a consultant could provide informative white papers for a small fee. If you don’t have the capability to sell your own products, is there another affiliate in your market you can team with to ramp up your sales?

•Move into the mobile world: There are many ways your small business can take advantage of mobile marketing with geo-targeting, app updates and promotions, text messaging, and mobile payments. Mobile is the latest trend in consumer engagement, and your business needs to be ready to respond when prospects need your product or service.

One key takeaway is that all entrepreneurs need to be thinking about marketing your small business on a consistent basis. It is not just a matter of putting out an occasional advertisement or Facebook post, but a continual effort to reach out, engage with your target demographics, bring them into your customer fold, and then build a conversation that keeps them coming back time after time.