Should Your Small Business Use Snapchat?

Should Your Small Business Use Snapchat?

As a small business entrepreneur it can be hard to keep up with every marketing opportunity that comes along, but some are worth the effort. One example of a communications outlet with ironic staying power is Snapchat. If you haven’t heard about this mobile app yet, it allows users to send photos and short videos which typically self-destruct within a few seconds of being viewed. It can also be used as a messaging app.

In just a few short years Snapchat has grown to 200 million users, with over 100 million of them actively using this tool on a daily basis. If your business leans toward a younger target demographic, this is definitely for you because 45% of its users are aged between the ages of 18 and 24. Also of particular interest is that 30% of the coveted Millennials group of internet users in the United States use Snapchat regularly. This can be a new outlet for small businesses to share knowledge and connect with their target audience. If your prime demographic skews younger, here are a few ways you can capitalize on this marketing opportunity:

• Learn the Lingo: Similar to Tweets on Twitter, a Snap is a brief message which is sent directly from your account to one or many accounts. These can be photos, ten-second videos, or images, but they will disappear immediately after viewing. You can also create a longer Story; however, which is a video or photo that will be viewable to all of your contacts for 24 hours.

Make it Timely: Since these are available only for short periods, your message must be memorable and it should try to motivate an immediate action. Talk about something you want the recipient to do now, make an offer that is only available for a short time, or capitalize on an event that is happening locally or a story in the news media.

Short and Quick Does the Trick: While blogs and web pages might be more effective with a few more words in them, short and quick is best for video. Create clips that are less than sixty seconds to get your point across effectively.

Be Creative but Don’t be Obsessive: You want to be different enough to catch their attention, but don’t spend too much time obsessing over every last detail. This is a medium that was designed to be quick and easy. Get real about showing what goes on at your company.

Build Your Contacts: As with any social medium, the more people you are contact with the better your chances of striking a chord. Work hard to let your prospects and customers know that they can connect with you in this way. Connect with influencers, and cross-promote with your traditional advertising, website, and other social media outlets.

Don’t Forget to Measure: Like other marketing mediums, it is important to have measurement analytics in place so you can determine how well Snapchat is working for your small business.