Should Your Small Business Be Marketing on Tumblr?

Should Your Small Business Be Marketing on Tumblr?

This blog has provided insights on many ways that small businesses can market themselves – from old school email marketing to newer concepts such as content marketing and Twitter – but one opportunity that has not been covered is Tumblr. Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website that is now owned by Yahoo! Users can post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog, as well as follow blogs from other users. Since there are currently over 220 million blogs which are hosted on Tumblr, this might be one platform that small business owners should consider incorporating into their marketing strategy.

Tumblr has made the art of blogging fairly straightforward. Users can easily incorporate photos, videos, art, links, mp3s and more to increase interest when posting their own blogs. Blogs can be linked to status updates on Twitter and Facebook to let readers know something new has been added. Similar to a Facebook page, a Tumblr dashboard also offers a live feed of recent posts from other blogs that the user is following. The user can then reblog it with an added commentary. Here are some of the advantages that Tumblr can have for the small business marketer:

  • Time Saver: While some blog sites are designed to maximize search engine optimization, Tumblr is focused on the fast and furious. Blog quickly, get your thoughts out there, and invite your group to share and comment. You can even set up a delayed release schedule so you can write several blogs at a time, and then let Tumblr release then when you want.
  • Focus on Creativity: Some small business entrepreneurs have difficulty getting their ideas across in the written word, but Tumblr allows for expression with a lot more creativity. If your business is quirky, caters to a younger demographic, or focuses on something that is fun, you may be able to use Tumblr to post photos and videos that will set you up as a creative brand.
  • More Interest Focused: Your Facebook page might cater to any number of different audience types, from family and friends to prospects and current customers. Tumblr can be used to build a community around a specific interest. If your small business focuses on something like fashion, the environment, accounting, or another narrow topic, your Tumblr page can be the outlet for sending a consistent stream of information on that subject directly to an interested audience.
  • Good Demographics: If you’re having trouble reaching the elusive Millennials, Tumblr might be the place to find them. The younger generation, both male and female, is flocking there because they see it as being more creative and less constrained than other communication forums.

Communities on Tumblr seem to be more supportive and willing to share positive reviews, comments and insights. This could be a great option for small business owners who are looking for a newer and more creative way to inform prospects and customers about what their business offers.

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