How to Incorporate Twitter Into Your Small Business Marketing Plan

How to Incorporate Twitter Into Your Small Business Marketing Plan

In my last CFAA Business Blog, I talked about some of the fundamentals of incorporating Twitter as part of a small business marketing strategy. In this post, I will concentrate on specific ways you can use Twitter to help your small business grow. Becoming an active participant in the Twitter universe can help you generate leads, share information with prospects and customers, and build a brand image. Here are some Twitter marketing ideas you might be able to utilize:

• Generate Buzz: Ask guests or customers to rate their experience with your business on Twitter. This gets your name out into the Twitter world and motivates others to search for your company to find further information.

• Provide Coupons: Use Twitter to offer discounts, coupons, or special offers to those who are following your feed. Let others know that there are special offers available only on Twitter so they will follow you, too.

• It’s Not All Business: Every Tweet can’t be about your business or your products and services. Try to mix in relevant trivia, jokes, riddles, and photos to keep interest at its highest.

• Persistence Pays: Twitter does demand a little more of your attention on a daily basis. You need to have pertinent things to Tweet every day and timely information to share so those following you will look forward to your message. Perhaps it’s a good idea to sit down at the beginning of the month and brainstorm 30 points you want to send out, so you won’t have to feel like it’s become a daily grind. You also need to be ready to respond to prospective customers, so you might also need to set aside some time at the end of the day to respond to any inquiries.

• Be Mobile: Be aware that many members of your target audience will be receiving your Tweets via cellphone or smartphone. Give them a reason to want to stop at your place of business while they are out and about.

• Follow Others: One great way to build awareness for your name is to follow other posts in your field and comment on them. Make comments and Retweet items of interest to increase your exposure with new audiences.

• Post Short Videos: You can produce and post short videos about your company or your products. Be very straight-forward and be sure to get your message across quickly.

• Ask for the Business: Like many other business, small business entrepreneurs often fall short when it comes to the most critical point – be sure to let prospects know you want their business!

Twitter marketing can help your business grow, but if you are thinking about changing directions, you can consider the growing field of college financial aid advisement. The CFAA Training Institute provides an insider’s education on the college financial aid industry, along with marketing advice and tips. Contact the CFAA Training Institute today for more information about becoming a Certified College Financial Aid Advisor™.

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