How Lousy Writers Can Create Captivating Content

How Lousy Writers Can Create Captivating Content

You have probably heard about the importance of creating fresh content for your website. This helps keep visitors engaged, and also draws attention from the search engines. But what if you just aren’t a good writer? Many small business entrepreneurs can be very successful with their business, even though their writing skills may be lacking. So how can you overcome your weakness and keep up a fresh stream of content? Here are some ideas:

  • Get Your Customers to Do It For You: Ask your customers to write stories which reveal what they like about your product or service. You could make it into a contest and draw some attention through social media.
  • Bring in Guest Writers: Are there other people who you think have interesting points of view? Ask them if they would like to be a guest columnist. Allow them to include a blurb about themselves and a link to their own website.
  • Use Video: If you’re better at speaking than writing, just set up a camera and start talking. Many business owners feel more comfortable just talking about their business than trying to write about it.
  • Become a Storyteller: Your writing doesn’t always have to be business or sales-oriented. Write about why you went into business, tell prospects what you like about owning a small business, or relate stories about how your product or service has helped customers in some way.
  • Include Visuals: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so that’s a lot less writing you’ll have to do! Incorporate photos, infographics, slides and other visuals to demonstrate your product or show your business in action.
  • Let Your Employees Have a Say: Small businesses are very often solo enterprises with the owner trying to do everything. But if you do have any employees, see if they might be willing to contribute ideas or content. A small extra amount in their paycheck is a great way to say thanks.
  • Talk About Local Events: You don’t always have to write about your business. Talk about events that are happening in your community. They’ll appreciate the extra exposure, and you might get a few new website visitors out of it.
  • Answer Questions: What questions do customers ask you most often? Do you solicit any inquiries through your social media? Use these as starting points to determine the kinds of information your audience base wants to receive.
  • Highlight Current Research: Find interesting facts or research, and tell readers how it relates to your business.

Don’t obsess so much over the why and how of writing. Get an idea and go for it. Write out your thoughts and make sure you get a few solid sales points in that can relate somehow to your business. If you need additional help, you can ask a trusted source to take a look at what you have written and provide some input. The important point is that you are creating content that will attract prospective customers.

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