Give Your Home-Based Business Some Love This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, we are all in a mad dash to find tokens of appreciation for those we love. Sweethearts buy presents and plan a romantic evening together. School children make hand-made decorations for each other. We send cards to special friends, letting them know how much we care. It just doesn’t seem right to focus on doing something for ourselves.

The trouble with this type of thinking is that it can actually end up having a negative effect on the ones we love so much. Think back to the reasons you decided to start your own small business. You had passion and wanted to nurture it and watch it blossom into something special, much like the way we feel at the beginning of a new relationship. As time went on, your business wasn’t always as supportive and uplifting as you hoped it would be. Your attention started to drift, and you began thinking about other opportunities.

It’s difficult to keep up the passion for a new business through the first few years, but falling out of love with it not only makes you feel sad, it affects those who love you as well. Here are some tips that can help you rekindle the flame of passion and get your small business running again:

  • Remember why you started your business: You are doing this for yourself and your family. Post pictures or reminders to yourself so you can see them every day when you sit down to work.
  • Try something new: Doing the same thing every day can get boring. Try something new that will help your business grow. If you have never sent out a blog, write one now. If you think Facebook is only for teenagers, try to think of a way it will help your business. If you have never sent out a Tweet, try to come up with 140 characters that could catch someone’s attention.
  • Think about what you can do for others: The best way to make your business grow is to keep your customers happy. Ask yourself what you can do today for each of your customers that will make a positive difference in your relationship.


Get Third Party Insights

Sometimes couples find it helpful to talk to others who have experienced success in a relationship. Business owners can do this, too. Talk to other entrepreneurs who can give you advice on what they have done to build solid relationships with their customers and grow their businesses. The CFAA Training Institute has an established system that includes education on the college financial aid industry as well as marketing advice to help you build your business once you have become a Certified College Financial Aid Advisor™. Take advantage of your sessions to talk about what works best and get input about how to love your business more!

Contact the CFAA Training Institute today for more information about starting and growing your own small business.

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