Fall Into Small Business Marketing Success

Fall Into Small Business Marketing Success

The lazy days of summer are over, and we’re all shocked to find out there are only a few months left in 2014. As a small business owner, though, you have the advantage of flexibility and speed on your side to make the rest of this year a success and build a solid foundation for 2015. Here are eight marketing tips you can implement now to get your small business back in gear:

  1. Build up for the holidays: A successful holiday season can make all the difference, especially in retail. Don’t wait any longer to start planning. Get your marketing in gear now so you can build a customer base that will soon be looking for your products and services.
  1. Don’t forget your social marketing: When was the last time you wrote a blog, made a Facebook post, tweeted, or sent an email? When you’re competing against massive marketing budgets, you’ve got to work harder to keep your name in front of potential customers.
  1. Produce a video: Video is a great way to demonstrate your product or put a personality to your company. With modern technology, everyone can produce smart and informative videos that can be uploaded to social media and included on your website.
  1. Ask for testimonials and referrals: The one competitive edge you have as a small business is your ability to build relationships with customers. Take advantage of this and ask them for testimonials and referrals, then use these as part of your marketing strategy.
  1. Get some schooling: Students aren’t the only people who need to be learning all the time. Send yourself to school and keep up on industry developments. Learn something from your competitors and customers you can use to improve your business.
  1. Build relationships: There are many fall activities sponsored by schools, community groups and non-profit organizations. You can sponsor these events inexpensively, or you can always volunteer to help and start meeting people one-on-one. You don’t have to be heavy-handed about it. Just let people know what you do, so they’ll know who to call when they need your service.
  1. Give thanks: Thanksgiving isn’t until November in the U.S., but it’s never too early to show some appreciation. Contact current and previous customers, and tell them you appreciate their business.
  1. Update your website: Too many businesses let their websites slide. Take a look and make sure yours is still up to snuff.


Make Sure You’re In The Right Small Business

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