Facebook Contests Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Facebook Contests Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Perhaps you’ve heard that social media can be a great marketing tool, but aren’t sure about how that applies to your small business. Facebook can help your business reach a wider audience through the power of viral marketing. Start a Facebook page for your business, and make sure you include all of the “about us” information. Create an editorial calendar of things you want to say every day for the next sixty days. This can be information about your business, product information, cute jokes, or industry statistics…anything your community might find interesting, informative or helpful. Be sure to constantly promote the Facebook page on your website, in your blogs, in your business itself, and when you talk to customers.

In addition to building a community, you also want them to become involved with your Facebook page. Ask for “likes” or commentary. When someone does this on your page, it shows up on their wall and their Facebook circle is now aware of your business, too. One way to get people talking and interacting with your page is to sponsor a contest. It doesn’t have to be big; it just has to be something that gets people talking. You want their contacts to see that they are involved with your contest. Make regular posts on your page about how the contest is going. Here are a few Facebook contest ideas to help your small business grow:

• Photo contest: Ask people to post photos of your location or of creative ways to use your product. This is a great way of having other people do your marketing for the price of a prize and some time.

• Tie it in with your website: Ask questions about something on your website and offer a small weekly prize of something from your business. Winners are chosen from a random drawing of correct responses during the week.

• Trivia: Everyone loves trivia. Come up with trivia questions that have to do with your industry, business, or community, and offer a prize to the person who gets the most answers correct.

• Guessing games: Post a picture of something unusual about your business, product or community and ask your Facebook friends to identify what it is. If it gets interesting enough, local media might even pick it up and create more awareness for you.

Be Inspired By Your Small Business Connections

You’re not alone in the small business world. There are many companies and connections which are willing to provide information and ideas to help you succeed. If you’re thinking about becoming a small business entrepreneur, or are looking for a new idea for a small business, consider the field of college financial aid advisement. The CFAA Training Institute provides an insider’s education on the college financial aid industry along with marketing advice and tips to help your business grow. Contact the CFAA Training Institute today for more information about becoming a Certified College Financial Aid Advisor™.

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