Career Options for Empty Nesters

Career Options for Empty Nesters

May and June are generally considered a time of new beginnings. We look forward to the beginning of summer. This is the graduation season, and students are embarking on their new lives. It is wedding time, when new couples are happily heading out into the world together. But it can also be a time of new beginnings for those left behind – the parents or empty nesters who suddenly find themselves with a lot more time on their hands.

Lisa Heffernan of Grown & Flown acknowledges that the thought of going back to work can be terrifying for some parents who find that they are facing new life opportunities, but it is still possible. The transition from stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) or dad to worker may involve using all of the skills that have been acquired over the years in time management, budgeting, leadership, counseling, and mediation. In fact, those are the very same skills which are necessary for business success.

Yahoo! Education compiled a list of perfect career options for the empty nester which can build on these abilities and make the perfect transition to a career after that of mom and dad:

• Personal Financial Advisor

• K-12 Teacher

• Health Care Administrator

• Public Relations Professional

• Human Resources Specialist

• Computer Systems Analyst

• Management Consultant

If you look closely at all of these you will see that you actually do have experience in these fields. You can take a few courses at a local community college or online to shore up some of the areas where you need help, and then start getting yourself into the career mindset.

Start Your Own Business

While some of these options may require you to work for an employer in an office environment, you can also start your own small business and work from home with some of them. It depends on how much control you want to have over your time and schedule, and your desire to work with others in a more formal environment.

Another career option for empty nesters who have successfully guided their children through college is to become a college financial aid advisor. You can take all of the knowledge you have learned about the FAFSA, federal financial aid, work-study programs, grants and scholarships, and turn it into a profitable business where you help guide other parents and students who need your help and insights.

If you want to learn more about the emotionally and financially rewarding career of a college financial aid advisor, the CFAA Training Institute offers an established system entrepreneurs can use to receive an insider’s education on the college financial aid industry as well as marketing advice to help each business continue to grow. Don’t sit there and worry about your children leaving. Now that your young ones have left the nest, it’s time to spread your wings and take off into new beginnings of your own. Contact the CFAA Training Institute today for more information about becoming a Certified College Financial Aid Advisor™.

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