Applying Cyber Monday Lessons to Small Business Marketing Strategies

Applying Cyber Monday Lessons to Small Business Marketing Strategies

Do you sit there in envy as you watch big companies, or even your competitors, crow about their online marketing strategies? Cyber Monday is coming up after Thanksgiving, and the opportunity to make money selling goods and services online is expected to be bigger than ever this year. Consumers are adapting so quickly to mobile devices and social media that it’s getting harder and harder just to keep up, let alone get ahead.

For small business entrepreneurs the challenge can seem almost insurmountable. You have limited resources and time to invest, but know that online is the way to go. Maybe you can’t create a great strategy and get it implemented by Cyber Monday of this year, but you can take the principles used and turn them to your advantage as part of your everyday marketing strategy. Here are a few digital tips small businesses can use for event and everyday marketing:

   Create your own event: Cyber Monday is good because it gets consumers in the mindset of shopping online, but your small business can get lost in the rush to buy from big retailers. Who says you have to do what everyone else does, though? Why not create your own online event and promote it just the way you would if you were part of the mad rush to buy online? Give it a name, create special deals that are only available online, and make sure your target audience knows about it.

   Be ready to get results: If you are not set up for mobile marketing, this should be your top priority before you even consider hosting an online event. Whip your website into shape so that it is informational and easy to follow. Customers take mere seconds to make a decision once they find your site. Make it super-easy to buy from you so they don’t get bogged down and lose interest.

   Boost awareness with local media: You may not have the marketing budget of a large retailer, but you can take advantage of local media advertising opportunities in your hometown market to boost your online event. A few dollars on a print ad or some radio spots might just give your event the awareness it needs.

   Stay social: It is well worth your while to build up a strong social media presence. This gives you a “free” opportunity to promote your event to an interested audience. Better yet, get them to help you promote it by offering an added discount for likes, Tweets, or shares.

   Remember there is no place like home: Small Business Saturday is becoming popular for a reason – people like to support their hometown neighbors and friends. Take advantage of this in your online marketing, too, and demonstrate that you care about your local market better than any big corporation can.

Don’t stop at just one day. Apply Cyber Monday lessons and experience marketing success all year.