A Strong LinkedIn Profile Can Boost Small Business Credibility

A Strong LinkedIn Profile Can Boost Small Business Credibility

LinkedIn sometimes gets a reputation as a “nice thought” when it comes to online marketing for small businesses. Many entrepreneurs concentrate the bulk of their marketing efforts on their website and Facebook page, but forget about this effective form of communication. When it comes to presenting straight information about your business and building credibility, though, LinkedIn can’t be beat.

When prospective customers are looking for a specific product or service, one of the first places they now search is the internet. Your website provides your marketing information, and your Facebook page is a source of regular communication, but LinkedIn serves as your online resume. All of those things that give a business importance and credibility go on LinkedIn. Use your keywords properly when creating your LinkedIn page and they will help boost your search results, too. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using LinkedIn for your small business:

• Your headline: There is room for a brief description of your business right under its name. As with any form of marketing, first impressions are important. Use this to present a benefit that will draw visitors in to read the rest of your profile.

• Add a good photo: Instead of just using your logo, consider adding a high-quality photo of yourself or your business right at the top. This will instantly give the impression of quality to prospective customers. You can also add a background photo that will add a little “pop” to your page.

• Summary: Don’t just list what you do – show a different side to your business, and tell readers how it helps them do something better or enjoy an activity more. Even with any awards or certificates you want to tout, think about what having them means to the reader.

• Skills and endorsements: Prospects like to know that you are good at the various aspects of your job. Having endorsements from a wide variety of people is a great way to demonstrate your capabilities.

• Make it easy to find: Provide links on your website and Facebook pages, and include the fact that you are on LinkedIn in your marketing materials.

• Be engaging: This is the place where you can share some of your valuable business knowledge. Share articles, offer tips, or provide insights into your business or product, and you’ll turn prospective interest into customer business. If you have employees, ask them to post thoughtful content from their point of view or provide answers to frequent customer inquiries. Ask readers to share any of your content that they find compelling with others.

• Join groups: LinkedIn also allows you the ability to join various discussion groups. You can use this opportunity to meet prospects, share information, and build relationships.

LinkedIn isn’t just a place to post information like you would with a resume. It’s a viable marketing opportunity, and it can definitely help your small business grow by establishing a prominent information presence on the internet.