5 Ways Your Small Business Can Market Like the Big Guys


Robert Collier said that, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” Many small business entrepreneurs who understand this and perform daily tasks that lead to success are rewarded by watching their business grow. Yet others fall victim to their own inferiority complex where they bully themselves into thinking, “I’m too small” or “I can’t do what the big guys do, so why bother?” They let negative thoughts take over and far too often become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The good news is that online marketing is the great leveler in the world of marketing, where the small business entrepreneur has just as much opportunity to succeed as everyone else. Here are five ways your small business can market like the big guys:

  1. Use Email Wisely: The California Small Business Development Center (SBDC) advises that email continues to be one of the biggest drivers of conversions for small businesses. A good email list is today’s Rolodex. You can use it to inform prospects of what your business offers, keep in touch with current clients, send out information about new products and services, and even insert some personal congratulations along the way. As a small business owner you have the advantage of being able to offer the personal touch so many large businesses are missing.
  1. Focus Your Time: AWeber, the email marketing company, reports that 94% of small business owners consider online marketing very important to helping their business grow. They advise setting aside at least thirty minutes every day to focus on marketing programs.
  1. Access the Power of Video: With affordable cameras and easy editing options, even your small business can spread the word using video. SmallBusinessComputing.com says that 90 percent of online traffic goes to video content. Video can help brand your company, create a bond with prospects, and motivate a buying decision.
  1. Make Your Website Work: Your Website is the first place prospects will look for information about your business, but it must be optimized to attract their attention in the first place. SearchEngineLand.com suggests making contact information clearly visible, using searchable keywords, keeping content current, and being mobile-optimized.
  2. Get In The Social Universe: Jay Baer, Convince and Convert, says that, “Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” Use all of the free aspects of the social world to help spread the news about your company.

Nothing builds success like learning from companies that have already achieved it.

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