4 Steps to Take When Your Small Business Marketing Plan Stalls 


Let’s say that you have been a good entrepreneur and learned about marketing strategies. You took the time to develop a marketing plan for 2019, and have followed it faithfully. But a third of the year is gone already, and your business doesn’t seem to be getting any traction. Here are four steps to take when your small business marketing plan stalls:

1. Try Something Different: Don’t give up on your social media marketing plan, because that keeps your business in touch with prospective customers. When they think they have a need they will contact you because you have made a good impression. But sometimes you have to stand out a little and grab your prospects’ attention. Come up with something different, tie it in with a holiday or season, or create a limited time offer. Then write a short, concise email with lots of benefit statements and send it to your target list.

2. Search for Yourself: This might sound like the new age idea of “finding” yourself, but sit down and pretend you are a prospect searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo for a product or service like what you offer. Think of the different words or phrases you might use in the search process. If your company’s name doesn’t come up in the results, you’ve got a SEO (search engine optimization) problem. Go back and review your website, blogs, and social media updates to make sure you include those phrases in your communications.

3. Think Like a Customer: Once again, imagine yourself as one of your target customers and read your blog posts and other communications with a fresh eye. If you don’t feel you can be objective, ask a trusted friend or advisor for an honest opinion. Is your communication clear about what you offer, does it include benefit statements, will it solve some problem your target audience has? If not, you need to rethink the way you go about crafting your message.

4. Go Old School: Sometimes we get too caught up in the wonders of the digital age. Try reaching out by telephone or in person. If you have a location, invite prospects in for an open house or offer some type of educational seminar or workshop. The personal touch might be all that’s needed to take your business to the next level.

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