4 Reasons Small Businesses Must Engage in Social Marketing


Social marketing presents one of the best opportunities for small businesses to advertise, connect, engage, and sell, yet a surprising number of entrepreneurs are reluctant to engage in the practice. They may be able to come up with excuses as to why they can’t market online, but in the end they are only hurting themselves and their business. Here are four reasons why small businesses today must engage in social marketing:

1. YouTube Videos Work: YouTube is more than just cute cats and ice bucket challenges. Just about any small business owner with a camera and a computer can now produce a YouTube video of sufficient quality to get their point across. Use it to introduce yourself, show how your product works, or present testimonials from current customers. A survey by Atomic Research showed that, out of 1039 shoppers, 52% agreed that watching a video will give them more confidence about a potential product purchase.

2. A Picture Still Says a Thousand Words: If you think you’re not up to the video challenge, photos will get the job done for your small business. Prospects who don’t want to take the time to engage with a video are finding that Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are the land of photo opportunity. Show close-ups of your product, provide different usage ideas, or start a trend. The study also revealed that 22 million users engage with Instagram every day. Some of them must be looking for what your business offers!

3. Facebook is Fabulous at Finding Customers: I previously discussed using Facebook contests to attract customers. With time and creativity, your Facebook page can become a helpful resource that brings in prospective customers. Use Facebook marketing to share knowledge, build your brand, and drive customers to your website.

4. Timing is Everything: Social posts don’t last very long in consumers’ minds, as they quickly get replaced by the latest news. Although it seems like people are glued to their digital devices 24 hours a day, there is the chance someone who can really use your product or service won’t be listening or looking at the exact moment you decide to send something out into the social universe. Ask customers what times of day they tend to see your message, invite them to share your information if they like it, and update often to keep your information fresh.

Social Marketing Can Be The Key for Small Business Growth

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