5 Ideas to Give Your Small Business a Good Spring Cleaning 

5 Ideas to Give Your Small Business a Good Spring Cleaning

Spring can be a time of rejuvenation and renewal for small business owners and budding entrepreneurs. It’s time to clean out the old cobwebs that are holding you back from taking your small business to the next level. Here are five ideas you can use to give your small business a good spring cleaning:

1. Clean Up Your Website: More consumers are searching online, but this part of the marketing plan often receives the least attention. Make sure your website is easy to use, has relevant keywords, and provides information in a concise manner. Does it clearly tell visitors how they benefit from what you provide? Check links to make sure they work, add links to your social media sites, and include any new customer testimonials. Now look at your website from a mobile phone and see if it works there, too.

2. Get in Touch: Is there a list of prospects you’ve been meaning to contact? Do it now. Are there old clients or customers you haven’t heard from lately? Take the lead and contact them. Shake the trees a little and you might be surprised at the opportunities that fall out.

3. Clarify Your Message: Always check to be sure your message works. What are you providing? Car dealers don’t “sell” cars – they sell family protection, status, or attraction. Think about what your end users want, and make sure your message shows how you provide just that.

4. Develop an Editorial Calendar for Your Marketing: You know you should be in contact with prospects and customers on a regular basis, but sometimes that gets lost in day-to-day activities. Give yourself a task list – I will write two blogs a month, send one email every other week, and update my social media every week. Then decide what you are going to say for each of them. There are certain seasons, holidays, and busy times you can build around. When your calendar says it’s time to communicate, you can just start writing without spending time thinking about what to say.

5. Always Be Marketing: Even if your business is going great now, things can change very quickly. The time to develop a marketing plan is now, not when business is down. Always look for ways to build and expand your business, so you can bounce back quickly from any negative events that occur.

Is It Time to Rethink Your Business Focus?

If you have done all of the above and your business still isn’t growing, you may need to rethink your focus. It could be time to expand your current services, create new income streams, focus on customer service and review your business plan.

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